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Student Benefits

I had a thought last week as I was sitting in one of North Bay's local coffee houses (Twiggs), surrounded by students as the school year is now in full swing. It made me think back to all the challenges I faced when I went away for school. Being far from home can be hard, and even when it isn't you still have to contend with increasing responsibilities, mounting school workload, balancing a healthy and fun social life, and manage a romantic life that could include your first big breakup or your first long term relationship.

It's pretty clear that today our student population goes through a lot, and much younger than they used to. On top of that, students typically don't have a lot of cash to throw around, and lack a diversity of services when they need help. As I sat there thinking of all this, I thought to myself "well, what am I doing to help?". Starting this month, I will be offering a 50% discount per session to any student of a Canadian College or University, just show your valid student card.

I hope that those who need it will take advantage of this offer. There is never shame in asking for help when you need it. No one can do it all alone.

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