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​​ I offer a wide variety of counselling services that can be accessed either over the phone or by coming into my office and sitting down in person with me. To make an appointment, call or text the number listed in the CONTACT tab, and if I miss your call please leave a detailed message (the voicemail box is completely confidential).  Remember, if you are unsure about me as your therapist or on the services I offer and if they would be right for you, please call and book a FREE 20 minute consultation to ask me questions, see the office, and make an informed decision.


Who I Service: I am available to work one-on-one with clients ages 12+, with couples who are experiencing relationship trouble, or with families who are trying to resolve issues at home. No issue is too small as I work with people who struggle to manage daily stressors all the way to people who deal with mental health issues. If I ever feel that I cannot provide the best level of service to you based on your problem, then I am always willing to provide you with referral information.

How I Provide Service: I utilize a variety of therapeutic methods when providing counselling but I pull most heavily from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Rogerian Person Centred Talk Therapy. CBT focusing on the idea that we can change our behaviours by changing our thoughts and vice versa, but first we must work to identify the harmful thoughts that are causing the behaviour we desire to change. SFT places a focus on the solution to the issues at hand rather than on the problems themselves. It achieves this through the use of selective questions and a focus on positivity. Rogerian talk therapies but clients as the focus and an emphasis on counselling being a collaborative endeavour with your therapist as a facilitator. As I am often fond of saying: 

“You know you, better than I know you”.

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